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The largest alcohol production enterprise in Azerbaijan

The alcohol we produce meets international standards

Ethyl alcohol used in the making of vodka products is also produced in our company. Namely there is produced the ethyl alcohol in modern facilities that meet the latest technology, under automated and computerized management of all processes. Our modern spirit production plant with a capacity of 30,000 liters per day supplies high quality alcohol to many vodka producers in Azerbaijan. During production process, the plant manufactures the highest quality "Lux" and "Alfa" ethyl alcohol, which creates great opportunity for high quality vodka production.

High quality spirit

The ethyl alcohol in our plant is produced from high quality 4th grade wheat.

The spirit used in Khan branded vodkas is produced in our enterprise. During the spirit production we do not use genetically modified wheat varieties. In order to protect the quality of our product we use high-quality 4th grade wheat.

In the content of the spirit of Khan branded vodkas there are not aldehydes. As aldehydes create alcohol dependency in consumers, the amount of this organic matter is maintained in the 0 degree. The amount of the fusel oils in the content of the spirit produced by our company is 2 times less than the norm. For these substances create bitter taste in the vodka, the amount of these oils is always maintained in the lower degreea

Non-waste technology

More than 15 tons of dry food are produced daily

In our enterprise one of the distinguishing features of the production process is its non-waste technology functioning. As the spirit is made from high-quality wheat, dry feed is produced from the draff which is formed during production process through French technology and equipment for poultry and livestock. It should be noted that, through this technology the enterprise produces 15 tons dry feed per day. Moreover, in the alcohol production as a result of the fermentation process carbon dioxide is produced in the form of liquid with 99.99% purity. This gas which is considered pure carbon dioxide meets the needs of carbon dioxide of the enterprises that produce carbonated drinks in the country. Our enterprise produces 10 tons carbon dioxide per day. Liquid carbon from the wheat is made through Dutch technology.

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