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Quality Control

Secret of high quality

All processes are controlled by our experts in laboratories.

We give unconditional priority to the quality of our products. We strive to provide the maximum storage of physiologically active ingredients of the raw material, its nutritional and organoleptic properties, and strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic standards in the selection of raw materials. Laboratory analyzes are organized at all stages of production to ensure high quality of "Xan" trade mark products. Laboratory analyzes are carried out by using the equipment and computer technologies produced by modern European companies. The products are tested by the laser analyzer, which installed in the CIS countries only at several enterprises. This device works without chemicals and allows to define 24 parameters of the wine or grape juice within a minute with maximum accuracy. Such analyzes take more than two weeks in standard laboratories. Physical-chemical composition of products, organoleptic analysis and quality meet the GOST standards.

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