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“Goygol Wine Plant” is a modern winery, combining classic technology and the latest technical achievements. At present, all production buildings, shops and auxiliary fields have been reconstructed and repaired; all equipment and technological lines have been renewed and replaced with modern ones. For this purpose contracts were signed with Italy's well-known company "TECNOFOOD GROUP" SRL, a leading company in the production of equipment for the wine industry.

In our plant receiving and grapes processing department function has four breakers-stemming machine «DPN 25» with productivity 25-30 ton/hr; four alburn pumps integrated under a breaker-stemming machine; four batchers of grapes acceptance and its handling to stemming machine; four batchers of comb gathering and its aspirations; four modern Vacuum membranous press model «VS 150» that functions as a strainer and the press excluding alburn repu lping, with productivity 35-40 ton/hr: and two refrigerating compressors.

In the shop of primary processing of wine installed 128 modern, vertical tanks from stainless steel with a capacity of 3000 decalitre for each piece. These tanks are supplied with automation system of temperature control of fermentation in tanks through shirts, mixing and unloading system during wine production under red wine technology.

In the shop of secondary processing of wine there is a camera and installation for cold processing of wine, pasteurizing plant and the equipment for fining.

There are glass enameled steel tanks at the plant, which one-time capacity makes 1 200 000 decalitre. For endurance of cognac spirit, vintage wines, madeira, ports and cahors wine the plant has a large quantity of wooden oak drums which total amount makes around 1 000 000 decalitre.

Two K-5 cognac production devices are used for processing of high quality cognac spirit. The plant has already purchased equipment with annual capacity of 300,000 bottles for production of classic type collection champagne wines.  

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At a depth of 15m

Cellar built in the middle of the XIX century

As a technologic unit, there is a wine-cellar at the plant, which is a unique construction on Caucasus built in the middle of the XIX century is at depth about 15 meters, has the overall length of 800 meters and occupy the space about 6000 square meters. The cellar stores collection champagne, vintage wines and madera.

Production of Vodka

Production of Wine

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