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Production of Vodka

Sub-processing facilities have been established for all stages of vodka production at our enterprise, which has a great production capacity. There are wheat receiving points for high quality spirit preparation, vodka preparation points, water collection stations, filtration, intermediate preparation, intermediate packaging points, vodka production and cardboard box making points in the enerprise.

At the vodka production point, the rectified “Lux” ethyl alcohol, taken from the food raw material, is first introduced into a special mixer unit, then mixed with softened water up to 0.2 mg / dm³ hardness (quantity of alcohol and water is calculated according to the appropriate intensity of vodka in a recipe). Processing of the received water-alcohol mixture in dynamic conditions is carried out on filter cells with active charcoal. Filter batteries consist of forfilters, coal turbines and sand filters.

There are two flow lines, each with a capacity of 6,000 units per hour of 0.5 liter bottles at the vodka filtering point of the enterprise. 

Modern equipment

The plant is maintained with modern equipment made in Italy and Israel and assembled by experienced professionals.

For modernization of the production process, contracts were signed with well-known Italian company "TECNOFOOD GROUP" SRL, a leading company in the production of equipment for the wine industry.

Quality Control

Making of quality product is a guarantee of successful development

The plant has been equipped with the most up-to-date laboratory. Regardless of the classification, in process of vodka production, the preparation of vodka, its physical and chemical composition, organoleptic analysis, quality is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST standard, and all processes are controlled by our specialists in laboratories. The laboratory analyzes the safety and quality indicators of the products according to requirements of relevant GOST standard. The company permanently focuses on maintaining and improving the quality of its products.

Experienced professionals

Various stages of production are strictly controlled by our experts 

All products are manufactured and tested at the plant by highly qualified local and foreign experts, and production control is provided at every stage of wheat receiving, alcohol rectification, alcohol storage, mixing of water and alcohol solution, filtration of vodka and packaging process. The main purpose of the team consisting of professionals with the most professional experience is reflecting the main business principles to produce natural products meeting the highest standards and requirements.

Our new products

The main purpose is to provide the Azerbaijani table with new high quality vodka varieties

Mission of our company, along with cultivating of new products and presenting to the market, is constantly improving the quality of our products and contributing to the development of Azerbaijan's economy. The main purpose of the plant based on the application of modern technologies is to achieve import substitution and export opportunities in the future by meeting in high level the demand for dark drinking industry
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