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The oldest winery in Azerbaijan

“Goygol Wine Plant” OJSC is oldest wine production enterprise in Azerbaijan. The enterprise has been operated under the different names since 1860 till now. Wine production enterprises founded by Christopher Forer and Christopher Gummel, the Germans who lived in Goygol district, at that time called Yelenendorf, can be considered our company's predecessors. During this period our company was the first company exporting wine to Germany and the Netherlands among the former Soviet Socialist Republics.


In the 20s of the last century our company produced "Kagor", "Old Port wine", "White table wines", "Sherry " wines, "Extra" cognacs, liquors, champagne wines. According to 1926 statistics, 48% of the grape harvested in Azerbaijan was collected in the gardens of our enterprise (as the "Konkordiya" cooperative at that time). In 1922-1927 670 thousand buckets of wine were stored in 13 basements of the Goygol Wine Plant. During this period 183 company stores were operating in different regions of the USSR.

The enterprise was incorporated into “Azsovkhoztrest” in 1936. Subsequently it operated as “Khanlar Agro Industry Combine”. Since 1955 the company has participated in the inetrnational wine-making competitions held in former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany and other countries.


Modern development of Azerbaijan and the requirements of the market economy have created the ground for the growth of our enterprise and the creation of new production areas. Our company has started production of wine, cognac, champagne and vodka and alcohol products since 2006.


Today "Goygol Wine" OJSC produces its products under the trademark "Khan". During its activity period Khan trademark has been distinguished not only in the category of vodka products, but also in the category of cognac, wine, champagne products.

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