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“Goygol Wine Plant” OJSC is a 160-year old winery of Azerbaijan producing wine, cognac, champagne and vodka.

About Us

Goygol Winery OJSC is operating as a joint stock company since September 16, 2005.  The major shareholder is Vinagro LLC with 99.88% share. The founder of Vinagro LLC is  Hasanov Rafig Hasan oglu who possesses 100% of shares in the authorized capital.

"Goygol Wine" OJSC, which produces different types of alcoholic beverages, has entered its new stage of development - our company produces and also exports high quality cognac and wine products, vodka, classic champagne for collection, as well as non-alcoholic soft drinks.


Now the company is a modern winery, combining classic technology and the latest technical achievements. At present, all production buildings, shops and auxiliary fields have been reconstructed and repaired; all equipment and technological lines have been renewed and replaced with modern ones. For this purpose contracts were signed with Italy's well-known company "TECNOFOOD GROUP", a leading company in the production of equipment for the wine industry.

"Goygol Wine" OJSC has 517 hectares of vineyard cultivated in 2006-2008 and planted with high quality local and European grape varieties. Breaded grape stems that adapted to local conditions were purchased from “GONTARD FRERESEPINIERES VITICLES” company of France and “VIVAI MARCYI” company of Italy well-known in Europe. Currently, in Goygol and Samukh regions are cultivated Chardonnay, Merlo, Kaberne-Sauvignon, Sapervi, Madrasa, Shiraz, Chardone, Souvignon blan, Rkasiteli, Grenas, Muskat, Bayan-shira grape varieties. In the near future, the area of vineyards will be increased to 1500 hectares.

As a technological device, in the plant operates a wine cellar, built in the middle of the XIX century, with no analogues in the Caucasus, has a depth of 15 meters, a length of 800 meters and a total area of 6,000 square meters. This cellar stores classic-style collections of champagne, madera and high-quality table wines.

At present, products of the company are sold in large markets, hotels and restaurants in domestic market, as well as are exported to different countries. Our main export directions are Russia, Belarus, and China. We are working to create and expand new contacts with other countries.

Products of the plant have repeatedly been awarded high awards at international competitions, important international alcoholic and food products exhibitions

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