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Taste it, Touch the history


"Goygol Wine Factory" OJSC with a 160-year history is the oldest wine, cognac, champagne and vodka producer in Azerbaijan. Goygol Winery, one of the oldest wineries in the South Caucasus, was founded in 1860 by the Swabian Germans who settled in the present Goygol district of Azerbaijan, then called Yelenendorf.

"Forer Brothers" Joint Stock Company was established in 1862. This society was headed by Christopher Forer and his sons Gottlob, Friedrich, Heinrich and Christopher. At the same time, the Joint Stock Company "Gummel Brothers Trading House" was founded, which was headed by Christian Gummel and his sons Jacob, Albert, Georg and Gottlieb.

The Board of Directors of both companies was located in Yelenendorf, and their representative offices and sales centers operated in the cities of Ganja, Baku, Tbilisi, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Tomsk and Batumi. On August 8, 1922, the "Konkordia" cooperative, founded on the basis of this plant, was at that time the largest winery producing wine, cognac and vodka in the entire Caucasus region.
As a technological facility, the wine cellar, which has no analogues in the Caucasus, built in the middle of the 18th century, is 15 meters deep, 800 meters long, and has a total area of 6000 square meters. Collection champagnes, madeira and high-quality table wines made in the classical method are stored here.

"Kagor", "Old port wine", "White table wine", "Red table wine", "Xerez wines", "Swallow", "Extra" cognacs, liqueurs and champagne were produced in the enterprise in ancient times.

At that time, most of the wine products produced in Azerbaijan belonged to Goygol Winery, and only four enterprises in the Russian Empire produced champagne using classic French technology, and Goygol Winery was one of them. It is enough to show one fact that during the years 1924-1925 "Concordia" Society produced 1 350 397 buckets of wine.

According to the statistics of 1926, 48% of the grapes harvested in Azerbaijan were processed at the Goygol Winery. During this period, 670 thousand buckets of wine were stored in 13 wine cellars of the enterprise. In those years, along with wine, cognac production areas were also established.
Today, our wines are high-quality products resulting from the unity of ancient history, great tradition, classic recipes and modern technologies.

  • Acquaintance with wine, cognac, alcohol production and grape plantation.

  • Information on walk-through and history in storage.

  • Tasting of wine from the tank (2 types).

  • Visit to the company store.

Price per person: 15 AZN (min. 2 people)

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